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August 30th, 2024, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm we will be performing at the Stoner RV Resort. 

July 5th, 2024, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm we will be performing the pre fireworks show at the Fireworks Show Four Corners.  

Find cool CATHARTIKA Merch.  

Re-releases single “HAPPINESS” with new website.

July 2023 releases new song What Would You Do For Love.

July 2023 Releases Upbeat Single “MARY” Complete With Artwork.

Official launch of new website scheduled for July 2023.

Achieve Emotional Catharsis with Music and Art October 30, 2023 Erin Sluka There is a movement on the benefits of catharsis to use for the purging of emotions
Double Pleasure! September 2023 Two Stirring Cathartika Releases: THE SEA on 9-28 -23 alongside Bass Laden INSECURITIES.
INSECURITIES is advanced and releases ahead of schedule 9-28-23.
New Single With Accompanied Art. Release date TBA. Subscribe to Receive the latest Announcements, Releases and More.
New Single With Accompanied Art to be Released Early 2024. Subscribe to Receive the latest Announcements, Releases and More.
Animated Short Story to be Released in 2024. New Music and Art to be released in 2024. Dates TBA.
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