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offers a Unique Musical Approach to Downloads. It Consists of a Musical Track Accompanied by a Delightful Piece of Digital Art that Plays into a Grander Theme or Story. Visual Art is an Exciting Doorway for Music. It Makes Great Playgrounds for the Imagination and Storytelling. Please Enjoy!

Catharsis by definition is the purification and purgation of emotions through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. It is a metaphor first used by Aristotle. In Platonism, Catharsis is part of the soul’s progressive ascent to knowledge. This Cathartic release of emotions is often believed to be therapeutic. There are countless studies and philosophies surrounding Cathartic expressions. So Naturally (reg. trademark) is the perfect vehicle for transporting new and exciting concepts of music and art into this World.

is Focused on Musical Journeys. We Have Provided Social Media Links for Ease And for the Enjoyment of Sharing with Others. Awaken the Dream.

If you would like to make a donation, accepts all gifts with extreme gratitude. Your support makes Awaken the Dream possible and lets the music live. Thank You


Official launch of new website scheduled for July 2023.

Find cool CATHARTIKA Merch.  

Re-releases single “HAPPINESS” with new website.

July 2023 releases new song What Would You Do For Love.

July 2023 Releases Upbeat Single “MARY” Complete With Artwork.

Achieve Emotional Catharsis with Music and Art October 30, 2023 Erin Sluka There is a movement on the benefits of catharsis to use for the purging of emotions
Double Pleasure! September 2023 Two Stirring Cathartika Releases: THE SEA on 9-28 -23 alongside Bass Laden INSECURITIES.
INSECURITIES is advanced and releases ahead of schedule 9-28-23.
New Single With Accompanied Art. Release date TBA. Subscribe to Receive the latest Announcements, Releases and More.
New Single With Accompanied Art to be Released Early 2024. Subscribe to Receive the latest Announcements, Releases and More.
Animated Short Story to be Released in 2024. New Music and Art to be released in 2024. Dates TBA.
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