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Bought the Songcard Happiness, Very Cool!!
Kennith Anderson
Longmont Colorado
purchased the single happiness and the songcard insecurities , warming up to this is -addictive
Mila Stoyanova
It's a pleasure to work with Duane and Cathartika in general. Not only that, but the music and visual elements touch my soul and have helped me feel uplifted as I work through some recent trauma. I can't express my appreciation or be grateful enough to have gotten to learn more about this music/art ideal alongside these amazing people Be blessed.
CeLeste Christopher
Bought all Songcards,I love the music the art the concepts WOW i love CATHARTIKA. More Please!!
Akari Barakat
Working with Cathartika and Duane has been a treat, but now I can't stop listening to the songs!
Jeremy Parks
Northern Colorado
Cathartika has a cool and intriguing sound, along with great artwork. I’ve been digging Happiness and pondering the question it poses.
Jason Thies
Durango Colorado

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