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Achieve Emotional Catharsis

Achieve Emotional Catharsis with Music and Art

 Erin Sluka

There is a movement on the benefits of catharsis to use for the purging of emotions. Imagine your emotions are like a pressure cooker, one more stressful event and you are likely to reach full pressure and then what? Explode or irrationally release your emotions? Catharsis is the means of relieving pressure a bit at a time before the stress becomes too much.

When it comes to art, whether it be on stage, in artwork or music, the use of catharsis is how we can get the audience to deeply connect with a story, image or meaning. I am featuring a new website with music and art downloads called, Cathartika.

When you visit Cathartika, it is quite simple and simplicity can help that pressure valve loosen a bit! Right now they have 5 music/art choices and more to come. The music is soothing – a bit of a folk feel. The words will have deep meaning and each song download (all under $2 each) comes with digital art. The idea is for you to take a moment and release those strong emotions. Pull up your screen art, press play and use the bright visuals as you listen to the words and find your peace for a few moments. Just remember to download your music and art after purchase within 24 and your art dumps into your downloads and my music dumped into my apple music folder. After you download your purchase, it is yours forever.

I have downloaded their songHappiness. The meaning of the song has you not just finding a feeling of happiness, but asking yourself where your happiness comes from. If you have not researched the use of catharsis to release your pressure valve, start at Cathartika to get that general feeling of harmony and personal peace.

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